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Heavy Equipment Deals specializes in providing you farm equipment deals.  Farm equipment is any kind of equipment of machinery used on a farm to help the farmer. A well known example of this kind is the tractor. A tractor is a vehicle specifically designed to provide a high pulling force while staying at slow speeds. They are used for hauling a trailer or machinery used in the agricultural or construction industry. Examples of brands of tractor include Allis Chalmers, Ford, Farmall, Massey Ferguson, and the most well know being John Deere.

There are many things that a tractor will pull and in the farming industry these are labeled implements or attachments and they are mounted on the tractor or the tractor will be the power source to pull the implement. Examples include soil cultivator, planters, seeders, waterers, irrigation equipment, harvesting, hay balers, backhoes, disc harrowers, mower decks, grain equipment, plows and many more.
We will also provide you access to antique and new tractor equipment, tractor parts, livestock supplies, agricultural machinery and manuals and books to all the tractors and equipment so you can continue to run your farm efficiently. Be sure to check out our whole store and come back often for new farm deals and information.
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